Eco Sure Aqua up your pond wth the amazing Eco-Sure Pond Clear Aqua Plus for only £8.95 in the special offer from Unwins.
Just one application of the Eco-Sure Pond Clear Aqua Plus is enough to create a crystal clear pond in as little as two weeks.

The Eco-Sure Pond Clear Aqua Plus works by cutting down phosphate levels and reducing nitrate levels down to zero. The helpful biological organisms in the product get to work on pond algae and small leaves, meaing you’ll have a clear pond within weeks. If you have apond, the chances are thay you’ll have fish or other wildlife in it, so its good to know that the Eco-Sure Pond Clear Aqua Plus from is harmless to pets, fish, birds, bees and other wildlife.

Clean you pond with the special offer while stocks last. Also available esdtx1 and eslmx1 essxx1 essxx2

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  1. Hope this works

    • It does work, trust me. I have used it over the past two years.

  2. Hope this works

  3. It does what it says. Clear as a bell in under two weeks


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